Hello Ocean’s Research in Belize

A collaboration of scientists and artists, supporting research and protection.

Expedition Echo is a 7 day research expedition that continues the work of Expedition Underway, our first in a series of Belize expeditions, that launched in 2016. During Expedition Echo, four scientists, a filmmaker, an artist, and a wildlife musician will search for the whales and dolphins that inhabit the coastal and offshore waters of Belize. This expedition will continue the first systematic and comprehensive study of  marine mammal population distribution and behavior. Our researchers will employ methods including photo identification, hydrophone  audio recordings, aerial drone video, and toxicology/ genetic testing. The information collected on this expedition will be used to facilitate improved conservation management as well as further collaboration with NGO’s and government officials to improve long-term monitoring efforts and marine mammal protection.

Who’s Aboard

Teresa Carey
Founder & Managing Director
Ben Carey
Kristi Ashely Collom
Outreach & Fundraising  / Researcher
Hanah Viano
Expedition Leader / Artist

Eric Angel Ramos
Lead Marine Mammal Researcher

Derek Alan Rowe

Dave Anderson
Marine Mammal Researcher

Natalia Garces Cuartas
Marine Mammal Researcher
Ben Mirin
Wildlife DJ, Nat Geo Explorer
Alton Jeffords
Marine Mammal Researcher
Dalia C. Barragán Barrera
Marine Mammal Researcher
Carolynn Box
Plastic Pollution Researcher

What We Do

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Research Expeditions

Hello Ocean’s 2016/2017 projects focus in the following areas

Mapping Cetaceans In Belize

Hello Ocean completed its first research expedition in the coastal and offshore waters of Belize. This inaugural expedition was conducted in partnership with The Moorings, a bareboat charter company, and scientists Dr. Nataly Castelblanco, and Eric Ramos and research assistants Benito Hernandez, Kristi Collom, and Alton Jeffords. The role that cetaceans play in marine ecosystems east of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System (MBRS) or the consequences of they face from anthropogenic impacts are largely unknown. During Expedition Underway, the crew conducted the first systematic study to assess the status or abundance of most cetaceans in Belize. The results of this work will be used to support improved protection for marine mammals and pelagic ecosystems throughout Belize.


  • Deb Castellana – Mission Blue & Sylvia Earle Alliance
  • Wallace J. Nichols – Blue Mind
  • Chris Palmer – American University
  • Rachael Miller – Rozalia Project
  • Bill Mills – Digital Cinema HD
  • David Conover – Conservation Media Group
  • Luke O’Neill – American Explorers, LLC
  • Ben Scheelk – The Ocean Foundation


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