Teresa and Ben will be at the Strictly Sail Chicago boat show in January. They’ve got a full line-up of seminars scheduled, a screening of their film One Simple Question, and a special seminar titled Ocean Conservation and Science Opportunities for Sailors.

We are so glad to see boat shows welcoming topics on protecting our oceans at an otherwise industry related event. It is important for sailors to find ways to give back and we want to help! Come join the fun and find out how you can help keep the ocean amazing for future generations!

Ben and Teresa’s seminars at Strictly Sail Chicago Boat Show:

January 14 3:30pm Techniques of Traditional Navigation
January 14 4:45pm One Simple Question and Q&A with filmmakers.
January 15 11:45am Rules of the Road (COLREGS)
January 15 3:30pm Ocean Conservation and Science Opportunities for Sailors
January 16 1:00pm Cruising Couples: An Egalitarian Approach to Cruising
January 16 3:30pm Docking Single or Double Handed
January 17 10:30am Techniques of Traditional Navigation

To see the full lineup of seminars from all the presenters, visit the Strictly Sail Website