Hello Ocean has installed a wall display at the Patagonia store in Freeport, Maine. Now you can learn about Dolphins, Lionfish, Mangroves, or other ocean topics while getting geared up for another Maine winter!

How Many Dolphins Are There?

It’s hard to believe that the true dolphin population is unknown. In fact, no systematic studies have been conducted to count the number of dolphins in many places such as Belize. Scientists aboard Hello Ocean’s research expedition conducted the first study to assess the status and abundance of cetaceans in Belize using techniques of photo identification, genetic sampling, and aerial drone surveys. The results of this work will be used to support improved protection for marine mammals throughout Belize.

Why Should We Protect Mangrove Forests?

Mangroves are complex and productive ecosystems that provide numerous benefits to the marine environment.  They protect the coastline from storm erosion, improve water quality by filtration, and provide a home to many juvenile fish species. Mangroves are under threat of deforestation and development, but there are a good deal of grassroots efforts to save mangroves through replantation and management.

Why Are Lionfish Threatening The Atlantic?

The lionfish is an invasive species, or a non-native fish that was introduced into the US Atlantic, Gulf, and Caribbean Sea. Because invasive lionfish have no natural predators, they could outcompete the native species for resources and threaten the balance of marine ecosystems.