Last month Hello Ocean launched its very first research-under-sail expedition Through a partnership with The Moorings, Hello Ocean was headed to Belize for some pioneering ocean research!

Up until now, there has been no systematic study on population data of cetaceans (marine mammals like whales and dolphins) in the offshore waters of Belize. Hello Ocean changed that by launching Expedition Underway. During our seven-day expedition we supported Eric Ramos who launched the first systematic study of cetaceans in the coastal and offshore waters of Belize, Dr. Nataly Castelblanco’s research that looks into dolphin DNA and toxicology, as well as collected data to support an ongoing study by 5Gyres on marine debris. You can read more about it in the upcoming Sail Magazine article!

We are now planning our 2017 research-under-sail expeditions. If you are a scientist looking for an opportunity to conduct coastal and offshore research please contact us. We are setting sail to the far corners of the world to support important ocean science.