In just a few days Hello Ocean will set sail on our first research-under-sail expedition. A team of 9 – including 3 scientists, 3 research assistants, 2 filmmakers, and 1 skipper will be sailing the coastal and offshore waters of Belize. Our studies focus on marine mammal abundance and distribution, micro-plastic pollution, and citizen science.

Eric Ramos leads the scientific team. He is a PhD candidate at CUNY focusing on animal behavior and comparative psychology. Joining the team are Nataly and Benito, scientists with the University of Quintana Roo. Nataly is a biologist who specializes in aquatic mammals and she is a research fellow of Conacyt. Assisting the research is Kristi and Alton who will operate the drones and other tools such as biopsy equipment to collect genetic data. Rounding out the expedition is Ben the Hello Ocean media assets manager, and Teresa the Hello Ocean director and expedition coordinator. They plan to create a multi-media documentary of the expedition to share with the public via the web.

You’re invited to join Expedition Underway virtually. Follow along via Facebook and Twitter for regular updates from the field.