[tweetthis url=”http://helloocean.org/marine-mammal-research-belize/”]Hello Ocean and @MooringsYachts team up to support important cetacean research in Belize. [/tweetthis]


Hello Ocean is bound for Belize to support scientist Eric Ramos’s important work in cetacean research.

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The role that cetaceans play in marine ecosystems of Belize or the consequences of they face from man-made impacts are largely unknown. No systematic studies have been conducted to assess the status or abundance of most cetaceans in Belize or adjacent waters. But Eric Ramos is working hard to fill this major gap in our knowledge!

Hello Ocean will support Scientist Eric Ramos to gather important baseline data by conducting vessel-based surveys off the coast of Belize. This work will provide the first systematic data on cetaceans in the pelagic waters of that region, and the results will be used to support improved protection for marine mammals and pelagic ecosystems throughout Belize.

We are grateful for The Moorings generous support in making this research expedition happen. And we are thrilled to be sailing a catamaran for a change! It will be the perfect research platform.