I can’t believe it, but my time on board with Hello Ocean is coming to a close.

We’ve been hard at work over the past 9 days working on two videos about lionfish and sharks, and things are really coming together! After spending the beginning of the trip filming with the St. Barts Nature Reserve and the St. Maarten Nature Foundation, we’ve spent the past 3 days logging our footage, finalizing story scripts, and editing it all into two awesome videos.

I’ve been helping out with Hello Ocean projects since September, and I’ve learned about everything from lionfish mitigation to video creation to the grant application process. It’s been amazing to be able to see the great work of local conservation organizations up close.

I’m sad to say goodbye, but I can’t wait to see these completed videos and all of Hello Ocean’s work in the future!

A big thanks to Ben and Teresa (and Dory, of course) for hosting me aboard Rocinante!


With all our gear for filming.

Dory looking great with his "lion cut."

Dory looking great with his “lion cut.”