Hi everyone! That’s me in the photo, helping film the work of the St. Maarten Nature Foundation! My name is Emma, and I’m a volunteer working with Hello Ocean. I have been helping remotely with Hello Ocean projects since September, and now I am sailing with the team in the eastern Caribbean as the culmination of my time volunteering! I met Teresa, one of the Directors of Hello Ocean, on an Outward Bound sailing course off the coast of Maine. When she told me about Hello Ocean, I was very excited to get involved and help out.

As a volunteer, I’ve gotten to work on a wide range of projects. I’ve worked on everything from arranging publicity for the launch of Hello Ocean to scouting stories for the multimedia campaign that they’re developing. Now that I’m with the team, I’ve been able to help out with almost every aspect of creating videos for their Hello Ocean series.

Working with such a small team means that it’s a fast paced environment where you have to be able to find creative solutions and take lots of initiative, which I love! Stay tuned for more blog posts about my time with the team—it’s an awesome experience for someone who wants to learn more about ocean conservation issues and get hands-on experience in video creation!

If you want to volunteer, you can learn more and sign-up here!