It’s been a pleasure to work with some of the best local outfits here in Sint Maarten – IGY Simpson Bay Marina, The Dive Shop and Dive Safaris. They are all in support of Hello Ocean’s mission and have been helping us make things happen around here!

To brush up on our diving skills, we signed up for a refresher course with Dive Safaris and The Scuba Shop, run by Kim—who is super awesome, sponsored our dive gear. Of course this culminated in two dives, one to hunt Lionfish, and another to observe Sharks — two new episodes of Hello Ocean’s video series to be released this winter/spring.


St. Maarten is a yachting mecca in the NE Caribbean. Mega Yachts and yachting services are abundant here. IGY Simpson Bay Marina has been our home and office as we work on shoot details, editing, post production and of course boat projects. The small things in life like a shower, internet and just being able to walk off the boat are a BIG deal to us! IGY Simpson Bay Marina  is managed by the former head of The Nature Foundation — so it was a perfect fit! And these IGY marinas are certified “green” meaning they work hard to provide no pollution solutions, recycle and keep our oceans healthy and beautiful… all the things we stand for.

Support like these businesses are providing is essential to helping further Hello Oceans mission, and we are truly grateful.