Are you sailing the coast of Belize in April and May of 2016?

Do you want to make your sailing experience more meaningful by participating in oceanic research?

If so – then we invite you to collaborate with Hello Ocean on an oceanic research adventure!

Hello Ocean strives to encourage recreational sailors and ocean adventurers to engage in a deeper commitment to ocean science and conservation. We do this by connecting scientists with sailors as “vessels of opportunity” in citizen science projects that will advance ocean science and stewardship.

Our project in Belize needs your support! Together, we will be supporting the work of scientist Eric Ramos:

Mapping Cetaceans in Belize 
The role that cetaceans play in marine ecosystems of Belize or the consequences of they face from man-made impacts are largely unknown. No systematic studies have been conducted to assess the status or abundance of most cetaceans in Belize or adjacent waters. To fill this major gap in our knowledge, we will support Scientist Eric Ramos to gather important baseline data by conducting vessel-based surveys off the coast of Belize. This work will provide the first systematic data on cetaceans in the pelagic waters of that region, and the results will be used to support improved protection for marine mammals and pelagic ecosystems throughout Belize.

We need your support to make this project a success.

We are looking for a sailboat for 7-10 days between April 26- May 16, and we would love you to sail with us! You will be joined by two professional mariners, and a scientist. We will spend 7-10 days conducting research transects and filming a video of the project. Most of the work will be coastal with a possible 2-day offshore transect.

All expenses related to the project will be covered by Hello Ocean, as well as a small stipend to show our gratitude. This is important baseline research that cannot happen without the support of people who care!

If you are interested, please send an email to with details of your vessel, persons aboard, and availability.

This is an unique opportunity that will bring sailors an exciting perspective to our ocean environment. Not many cruisers will get this close to touching and listening to cetaceans in the wild. More importantly, you’ll play a critical role in protecting them and their fragile habitat.