Lionfish have invaded the Caribbean, The Gulf of Mexico and other Western Atlantic shores, so far as far north as New York. Native to the Indo-Pacific region, Lionfish have no natural predators here. They eat anything, can live anywhere and have large appetites. Left unchecked, these seemingly beautiful fish could destroy the reef ecosystem, and wipe out what’s left of our fish, lobsters and other populations.

Invasive Lionfish Hunt in St Barth's Video

This Hello Ocean episode explores the problem and takes a look at what the locals are doing about it. Lionfish hunts, like the one in St. Barth’s are designed to raise awareness and promote a discussion about solutions. To really tackle the problem, more efficient methods are needed.

But there are ways you can get involved right now! Lionfish hunting is a new sport, and it’s one we can get endorse, so sign up for a derby!

You can also eat Lionfish, so please ask your local restaurants to offer Lionfish. We are headed to find some Lionfish next. Even though we are considered vegetarians, we are considering breaking the 9 year vow and eating some Lionfish.

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